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Broker Fee Comparisons

Do Fees Matter? Yes, a lot.

Even small changes in fees can have a big impact on your final investment values, especially over long timeframes.

Use this tool to see for yourself.



  • Stocks and Shares ISA (S&S ISA): This is a savings account that allows you to invest without paying tax on your returns. You can invest up to £20,000 per tax year, but you are only allowed to contribute to one S&S ISA per tax year.
  • SIPP:Self-invested personal pension (SIPP), is an account which allows you to choose your own investments for your pension.
  • General trading account: A standard investment account that you can open with any broker. As you may need to pay taxes on any investment gains made in these accounts, it's preferable to first use the £20,000 ISA allowance before using a general trading account.

Most brokers let you setup direct debits to invest in a set of funds/shares every month. Some brokers charge extra for this service, others reduce the dealing fees; we include this in our calculations.

We are attempting to continually update our database with more and more brokers. You should note that any brokers with fee's of 0 are excluded from the results as we assume this will not be the case in reality. For example, if you have funds already invested and dont plan on trading anymore funds, then there are brokers who have no trading fees. However, this ignores any account opening fees and any initial dealing charges that you may have to incur to obtain your current fund investments.
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